Wireless Bike Computer, Blusmart Waterproof LCD Bicycle Odometer Multi Function Speedometer with LCD Backlight

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  • Multi Function: Speed comparing, Average, Maximum, Relative, Riding time, Riding distance, Measurements, Auto ON/Off, Scanning, Comfortable and User friendly.
  • Anti Signal Interference: It won't interfere other wireless & electronics devices, wireless ranged less than 60 cm, accurate data result.
  • Auto Sleep/Wake: Auto standby within 300 seconds during inactive use, CLK Data will stay, it will start up if any button is press and detect any movement.
  • Auto Detect: There is a small ball inside that will create movement to awake & Auto Start-up, you can hear it when you shake the device, but it's normal.
  • Smooth Operation: Two buttons only for multiple modes, M/H or KM/H modes can be choose, convenient and easy to use.

Product Description

1. Sensor and receiver distance. Not exceeded more than 60cm, then the distance between the transmitter and magnet not more than 3mm.
2. The battery can last up to 200 hours, then if you need to change the battery make sure to record all the data because it will be reset after you replaced the battery.
3.Water resistant, but avoid it exposed longer to the rain and water as it may absorb through. In case the device will not working very well because of water, remove the battery and let it dry.
4. It can be easily mounted on any direction, horizontal or vertical, suitable for Bike, Mountain Bike, Motor bike the important is the wireless ranged, make sure it's in accurate distance. Then install it only on the front wheel.
5. It's always compatible to all bike which has a regular size of wheels, spoke, easy to calibrate with the manual.

1. SPD- Current Speed
2. ODO- Odometer(Total Odometer of Riding)
3. DST- Single Trip Distance
4. MAX- Maximum Speed
5. AVS- Average Speed
6. TM- Total Trip Time (including the break time)
7. CLK- Clock (12H/24H)
8. Auto Scan- (DST, MXS, AVS and TM will indicated)
9. Speed Comparator- ("+"''-" to indicate the higher or lower speed than average)
10. Setting Tire Circumference- (0mm~9999mm)
11.Setting Speed Scale- (km/h,m/h)
12.Freeze Frame Memory
12.Setting the Last Value of Odometer

Power Source: CR2032 Battery
Dimensions: 11.5 x 7x 4cm
Package Weight: 76g

Package Includes:
1 x Magnet
1 x Battery
1 x Sensor
4 x Cable Tie
1 x User Manual

Product Detail

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