GGS LARMOR Screen Protector for FUJIFILM X-T1 & X-T2, from Tempered Glass Foil, Self-Adhesive, 4th Generation

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  • Perfect for your FUJIFILM X-T1; premium tempered glass quality with the GGS Larmor screen protector;
  • The GGS Larmor screen protector offers including 8H surface hardness; 95% light transmittance; 0.3mm only thick foil with 6 layers nano coating. Plus UV light protection;
  • Protect the display against fingerprints, scratches, abrasions, impact, dust etc;
  • Easy to install & adhesive free: electrostatic adherence, self-adhesive, no glue residue after removal;
  • Customized frame design to perfectly fit your camera; touch and swivel screen compatible;

Product Description

Material: Japanese Optical Glass
Application: Self-adhesive, electrostatic adherence
Hardness: 8H
Light Transmittance: >95%, Anti-glare
Thickness: 0.3mm
Adhesion Strength: 130g/cm²
Coating: 6 Layers of Nano Coatings
Max Bearable Impact: 12kg/cm²
Characters: Self-adhesive , Touch/Swivel screen compatible, ,Anti-glare, Impact-resistance, Anti-Fingerprint etc

Installation Instruction:
1. Peel off the protective plastic film No.1(Orange or Red color)
2. Clean the LCD screen & apply the Lamour screen protector on it using the side without protective film; push the bubbles out found between screen & protector;
3. After the screen protector applied properly, remove the protective film No.2(Green or Black color) ;

Package Contents:
1 X Screen Protector
1 X Wet Cleaning paper
1 X Installation Instructions

Product Detail

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