Genuine High-powered Telescope Hd Mini Birding Binoculars Non-infrared Telescope Concert for Children-green-orange

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  • Concert telescope combines compact and easy to carry, with night vision capabilities, used along with day and night, with a focus function.
  • Mainly used to watch the show competitions, balcony viewing, travel trips, outdoor sports, wildlife observation, hiking,
  • Lens: All optical plated blue film. Perspective: 136M / 1000m
  • Focus mode: Central focus + right eyepiece diopter adjustment

Product Description

How to use:
Telescopes are issued to regulate the time, and if the buyer is not very different vision eyes, look after receipt eyepiece: adjustable focus wheel can see the scenery.
If the two vision vary greatly according to the following steps:
A look at the left eyepiece, adjust the focusing wheel in the middle, you know the left eyepiece clear.
2 see on the right eyepiece, adjust + eyepiece - the focus wheel on the right to know clear and consistent on both sides of this definition.
3 1, 2-step done, for later use on the middle of the focus wheel to adjust it.

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