Auto Multi color Hidden type car hook inside the car-orange

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  • Commodity material: Subject: ABS
  • Cover: ABS
  • Ring: silicone rubber
  • Hook size: 97.5*52*28mm

Product Description

Special points:
1 convenient and practical: easy to pack the car bag and other items, to ensure that the object is safe, to prevent the emergency brake when the goods shift and cause unnecessary loss and security risks. Easy to collate items inside the car, to make room for the car. The hook is easy to store and take with ease..
2 wide range of use: you can hang a variety of items, easy to drive travel and other activities. As a coat hanger, you can avoid the rear passengers about clothes crushed on the seat.
3 load pressure, safety: material quality, non-toxic tasteless, product surface wear resistance, firmness in line with international safety and hygiene standards. Design reasonable, firm, use
Better life safety performance.

Use instructions:
1 will the car seat head slightly upward, exposing the connecting rod
2 the hook is firmly attached to the connecting rod

1 if it is a body head pillow can not use this hook
2 do not interfere with airbag installed in place and posture
3 do not install in front of the child's seat
4 the rapid motion or vibration may cause the hook to fall off, do not hang into the precious, Yi Suipin

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