2pcs ALL metal gear precision reducer N50 Motor gear motor Carbon brush dc 12v 61RPM ratio 182:1

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  • Voltage: 12V dc, Output speed: 61RPM
  • Carbon brush
  • Weight: 40g
  • Package: 2pcs

Product Description

1. Net weight: 40g, rated voltage 12V, output speed reduction ratio of 182:1, 61rpm, 24 ohm coil resistance, load current 20mA, 5V managed to pinch the aluminium pulley, high voltage and then could pinch. Can be proud to say, this deceleration motor in terms of material, or from the work, design, fine motor can be comparable with the imported! Absolutely fine.
2. From the material point of view, all metal gear (primary 2 copper gear, after the class is all steel gears), all small module precision gear, the gearbox is cast aluminium front cover, steel plating shell, N50 motor is iron cover, Carbon brush.
3. From the work, the details are in place, very good.
4. From the design point of view, structure compact, although the reduction ratio is up to 182:1, gear deceleration box many, but almost no extra space.
5. As a result, although it is a full metal gear box, but the noise is small, big torque. 12V speed 61rpm.

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