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The Xbox One S is a big improvement over the original in many ways. Smaller. Faster. Integrated power supply. How do you make it even better? Make it portable, of course.

It’s a given that when a new console is released Eddie Zarick is going to get his hands on one, rip it apart, and figure out some crafty way to turn something that’s built for entertainment stands into a laptop(ish) sized device.

He did it with the Xbox One and with the launch of the One S he went to work on a sequel. It’s much slimmer and lighter than the first Xbook, and Microsoft deserves a lot of the credit for that one. They trimmed off several inches for an overall size reduction of 40%, and that allowed Zarick to build a much more portable Xbook.

The Xbook One S features a 19-inch display, down from its predecessor’s 22-incher. I’ve used a couple of different 18-and-a-half inch laptops before, and while it’s been a while I remember them quite clearly stretching the limits of the word laptop. It’s pretty understandable, then, to see Zarick scale back.

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What makes the Xbook One S particularly awesome is that you can get your hands on one without parting with any of your hard-earned cash. Ed is running a giveaway. To enter, all you have to do is visit his site and tweet.

If you’d rather not leave things up to chance, you can always commission Zarick to build you one. A 500GB model will set you back $1,495 and moving up to a terabyte is an extra fifty bucks.


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