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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Could you get away with leaving your laptop at home, and doing everything you need to do with an iPad?

It might be nice. But could you? To find out, Jamey Tucker took his iPad to a college campus.

“It’s just like a tiny little MacBook,” says student Charlyn Ursell about an iPad pro connected to a Bluetooth keyboard from Zagg. “Okay, that’s kinda cool.”

The keyboard, which comes in this slim version as well as a rugged version for toting around in a backpack costs around $130.

The keyboard is connected with a magnetic slot that can be removed and it’s back-lit for late night study sessions. The keyboard battery lasts up to 2 years.

“It might be easier to take notes just on this,” said another student. “Because it’s smaller. It takes up a lot less space.”

It feels so much like a MacBook, most people try to use a touch pad.

Let’s compare it to a MacBook laptop. The MacBook weighs around 2 pounds, the 9.7″ iPad weighs half of that.

The new iPad costs $900 dollars, while a 13″ MacBook starts at $2,000.

If you store most of your work in Evernote, Google Drive or Word, there isn’t much you can do on a PC  that you can’t do on an iPad.

When Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the new iPad Pro, he said it’s a PC/laptop killer. with one of these keyboards, folks on college campuses believe, it may be a MacBook killer as well.


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