Upcoming ‘Modbook Pro X’ Converts 15-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro Into Tablet With Pen Support [Update: Caution] – Mac Rumors

Update: Customers potentially interested in buying a Modbook Pro X with Touch Bar should use extreme caution, as we have been informed of a previous Kickstarter project for the Modbook Pro X that was funded in 2014. None of the machines from that Kickstarter have been shipped out to backers as of yet. Refunds have not been provided to backers, some of whom invested thousands of dollars, so this is probably not a good company to get involved with until those promised machines are fulfilled.

Update 2: Modbook creator Andreas Haas has provided the following statement to MacRumors about the Kickstarter concerns:

“Our team at Modbook Inc. is proud to have shipped the only Mac tablets ever on the market. The Modbook Pro, our current product, has been shipping for five years. Since we started the Modbook Pro X project on Kickstarter, we have been communicating updates on that platform rather than our blog, so that all our backers can find information in one place. We encourage anyone interested in technical details, timeline updates, and the overall development path of the Pro X to visit our Kickstarter campaign page.

We understand why our backers would be frustrated with the delay. We share that frustration. Our team is passionate about this project and is working hard to deliver. We’re grateful for the patience and continued support of our backers.

Although we can’t commit to an exact shipping date before the closing of our equity crowdfunding campaign at wefunder.com/modbook, we intend to ship the Pro X this late winter. We are dedicated to fulfilling the commitment we made to our backers. Our team has a track record of delivering despite the odds. We did this for the original Modbook, then the Modbook Pro and we’re doing it for the Pro X.

The Modbook Pro X, which continues to run macOS High Sierra, takes the internal components of a standard MacBook Pro and melds them into a tablet-style aluminum airframe with a built-in flip-out presentation stand and an optional Keyboard Stand that converts it to laptop mode. An included Modbook MonoPro Mount, which doubles as a tripod screw mount, allows the Modbook Pro X to be positioned in portrait mode or in multiple landscape configurations.

In addition to moving the MacBook Pro components into a tablet enclosure, the Modbook Pro X adds pen support to the device’s Retina display. Rotate, tilt, and pressure features are enabled, and the MacBook Pro Touch Bar is available directly under the pen-compatible display. The Touch Bar on the Modbook Pro X displays the same dynamic app controls as it does on the MacBook Pro, but it’s in easier reach in the tablet form factor.

The Touch Bar is accompanied by a new multi-function Touchpad Remote that can be held in the hand to enable simultaneous secondary touch and gesture input alongside the pen. When used in the optional laptop mode with the Keyboard Stand, the Touchpad Remote nestles into the stand and serves as a multi-touch trackpad.

The base system for the Modbook Pro X is configurable with an up to 3.1GHz quad-core Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, Intel Graphics 630, and up to a Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB memory. It supports three external Thunderbolt 3 ports and charges with the standard 87W power adapter. Up to three 4K displays or two 5K displays are supported.

The internal storage array of the Modbook Pro X uses up to 2TB of non-upgradeable onboard flash memory along with two additional upgradeable flash memory modules. A custom chipset allows the two modules to be configured as separate drives, one Mirrored Safe-Storage drive or a Combined Double Speed Drive. Two 2TB SSDs are supported in the extra flash modules for a total maximum of 6TB of SSD storage space – that’s triple the capacity of a standard MacBook Pro.

“The new Modbook Pro X with Touch Bar is the culmination of the company’s successful Kickstarter campaign, developed and designed in close cooperation with members of the creative Mac community that originally backed the project, and I believe it is now the most capable tablet ever created for the creative industries,” said Andreas Haas, Modbook Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer and Lead Engineer.

Modbook plans to charge $4,898 for the Modbook Pro X, but customers who already own a compatible 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro will be able to order a We-Mod-Yours transformation service for $2,499.

Before launching the Modbook Pro X, Modbook is gathering investments through WeFunder. Following the close of the campaign, Modbook plans to begin accepting orders before shipping the Modbook Pro X in the United States in late winter.


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