• MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro (Photo : Apple)


MacBook Air, Pro 2016 release is still unconfirmed, but fans are already counting the days with pins and needles and hope that Apple will release the laptops as soon as possible.

After the laptops went missing in action in this year’s iPhone event, it led to speculations that the laptops will not arrive anytime soon.

Below are the top three reasons why Apple should push through the highly anticipated MacBook Air, Pro 2016 release.

1. To prevent Microsoft Surface Pro 4’s dominance

For many years, Apple dominated the laptop market thanks to MacBook Air and Pro line that offers specs and features apt to the various needs of different users. However, the newly-released Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is gaining attention thanks to the success of its predecessor – Surface Pro 3. Now, Microsoft claims that the new laplet is 50 percent more powerful than the current MacBook Air. With a more powerful alternative, Microsoft may snatch the top spot from Apple.

2. Apple’s MacBook sales are the lowest in two years.

Herald Sun cited industry research firms saying that Apple Mac computers, including MacBooks, slowed to the lowest rate in two years. IDC reported that Mac shipments shrank 3.4 percent each year. The decline started in 2013 due to the strong dollar that makes the device a lot expensive in markets outside US.

However, despite the plummeting of sales, Apple outperformed other PC makers, which also suffered declining sales. The PC market, in general, experienced a decrease in shipments.

3. Premium upgrades are already due.

Lastly, consumers are looking for premium upgrades that are already due. Apple follows a tick-tock system when it comes to upgrades. The current MacBooks received minimal upgrades in features. Thus, consumers can expect revolutionary updates soon.