Today’s Best Laptop That Only Costs Around $850: Dell XPS 13 – Mobile & Apps

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It is 2017 and for some, it’s just a brand new year while for some, it means having a brand new device. For those who are capable of spending extra cash, looking for a new set of tech, let’s say laptops, is like a must. If you’re one of those, maybe it’s time to have a look at Dell XPS 13.

The laptop’s nothing new at it has been released at CES 2015. However, since it has won a number of awards such as the “Digital Trends Best of Computing”, it has proven how it should be worth considering. Despite being made of materials not merely found anywhere, the laptop is sleek, light, and innovative. Although it’s not as innovative as XPS 13, it’s still a favorite since it has translated well into a 2-in-1 form. (via Yahoo!)

According to Digital Trend, it is attractive, fast, portable and reasonably priced. For just around $800 to $1,600, almost everyone can make use of this laptop for many purposes, but except for gamers. It has carbon-fiber interior and a metallic exterior. It looks premium but still charming enough for everyone to look at. It has a super-thin Infinity edge bezel as its most significant feature. Rather than having a half-inch to an inch of plastic surrounding, the XPS 13 has less than quarter of an inch. But aside from looking all fab, it is functional as well, with a system that is smaller and lighter.

Despite its small size, XPS 13 is not too small as it showcases a touchpad that is as large as its competitors and a keyboard that is convenient to use. It even has a large battery which makes it last for a full day. However, one drawback, maybe for some, is that its webcam is placed at the bottom, rather on top as it has no room for it. But still, with its fabulous look and features, it’s still a laptop worth buying.


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