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Apple’s steadfast refusal to outfit its MacBook line with a touchscreen option is a well-known industry holdout. We’d much sooner get a massive, 15-inch iPad Pro than the company go back on its years of anti-Microsoft marketing, and the awkward half measure of the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

So for those eager to swipe their fingers on the display of an Apple notebook, there is one option. AirBar, a magnetic sensor that sits below the bottom edge of a laptop’s display, will grant you all the glory of a touchscreen device for just $99.


The gadget supposedly emits an invisible light field that allows standard screens to receive input from hand gestures. It plugs into the laptop via USB to transmit those gestures into software commands like swiping between windows and pinching and zooming.

AirBar was previously available for 15.6-inch Windows laptops. Starting today, you can place a preorder for one compatible with the MacBook Air 13-inch, with shipping slated to start in March. Neonode, the maker of Airbar, says it will launch support for other Apple laptops later this year. You can of course buy an AirBar to use with a PC laptop. But then again, there’s no shortage of actual touchscreen options in the Windows world.

- Via: 9to5Mac
- Source: Airbar


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