As more and more consumers get hyped up over Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 model, rumors are running amok to claim when the Cupertino giant is likely to debut its redesigned laptop. However, be warned that all these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt as Apple is still mum about the existence of the device.

9To5Mac reported Thursday that expectations are rapidly growing for the MacBook Pro’s rumored launch event this October. While there is no official announcement on the date of the event yet, the Apple-centric news site pointed out once again how a sketchy rumor that surfaced late last week is placing its bet on an Oct. 24 keynote presentation. 

The sketchy rumor came from The Apple Post’s Tom Sykes, who wrote last Sunday that Samsung’s biggest rival was planning on holding a keynote presentation for its revamped MacBook Pro on Oct. 24 based on what he heard from multiple sources. Sykes also pointed out in his write-up that Apple could be unveiling a 5k stand-alone display alongside the new Mac-branded laptop.

The thing that makes Sykes’ prediction questionable, however, is the Monday launch date. According to 9To5Mac, it is quite unlikely for Apple to launch its MacBook Pro refresh on a Monday, adding that Sykes’ “multiple sources” are nothing more than “anonymous emails.” Still, 9To5Mac claims that the launch date of the 2016 MacBook Pro could actually fall within the Oct. 24 week as Apple is known for launching its new MacBooks in late October — save for last year’s models. 

Previously, MacRumors reported that Apple is very likely to launch the new MacBook Pro once the macOS Sierra 10.12.1 update is final. The update is still undergoing beta testing, with two betas already available to developers and public testers. A final beta version is slated for release next week, then Apple is reportedly finalizing the 10.12.1 update for its official launch that could coincide with the new hardware’s debut.

Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro is rumored to be a redesign of the current lineup. It is said to come with OLED touchscreen in place of the physical function keys located at the topmost part of the keyboard. The upcoming device is also expected to come with Touch ID, four USB-C ports and a more powerful processor and GPU.