Should you buy a new MacBook Pro today?

Should you splash out? (Picture: Apple)

Apple announced an upgrade to the MacBook Pro earlier this month at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. But is it enough to get you to buy a new laptop?

Although it’s a small update, many people will be wondering if it’s enough to merit a laptop upgrade.

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The new MacBook Pro machines now come with Intel’s seventh-generation ‘Kaby Lake’ processors.

These offer a little more speed and better streaming of 4K resolution videos but on the whole, the average user is not going to see any significant gains over the previous MacBook Pros.

New MacBook Pro

(Picture: Apple)

If you’re the sort of buyer who wants to have the latest model with the highest specification, then the answer is obvious. Now is the time to buy a new MacBook Pro because you must always have the latest model.

Apple has now updated the MacBook Pro line-up twice since October last year.

With a third update expected this October, Tim Cook and his team could be moving to rolling updates, which could put you on a never-ending quest to stay on top of the portfolio.

It also means that the keen bargain hunter, who is willing to skip the latest specifications to get ‘last year’s greatest model’, will find these machines showing up in Apple’s refurbished store in a few months.

Right now, you can pick up the MacBook Pro machines launched in October 2016 with discounts of nearly £300 and a full 12-month warranty direct from Apple.

New MacBook Pro

(Picture: Apple)

Apple’s approach to the MacBook line-up in the last year suggests that Tim Cook and his team are expecting the MacBook Pro machines to last a year to two years before people want to update the models – it’s a business model that matches that of the iPhone and the smartphone market.

Because of this, there is always going to be a ‘better MacBook’ in a few months time.

Do you need the power and high specifications right now? Then buy the new MacBook Pro.

If you need a replacement laptop and you’re not too worried about the cutting edge specifications, look around at some of the previous generations and you’ll find some great bargains.

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