Second Westfield man charged in theft captured on victim’s laptop camera –

A second Westfield man has been charged in a series of breaking and enterings solved, police say, with the help of the victim’s laptop camera.

Adam Hibert, 27, was arraigned Friday on two counts of felony breaking and entering, one count of larceny over $250 and one count of larceny under $250. The victim’s boyfriend, Justin Cushman, was arraigned in March on similar charges, after allegedly working with Hibert to steal money and valuables from the victim’s apartment.

Cushman, 26, allegedly stole $750 in rent money from his girlfriend’s dresser while she slept, and then duped Hibert, a friend, into stealing jewelry, a laptop and a tablet computer by giving the Hibert a key to his girlfriend’s apartment and saying the items were his.

The victim reportedly caught the Hibert in the act by setting her laptop to take photos of anyone entering the apartment. The computer sent the pictures to the woman’s cell phone, police said.

On March 1, the victim told police her rent money had disappeared overnight and that Cushman had been the only other person in her apartment during that time. Cushman allegedly denied involvement when confronted by the victim.

“Don’t be surprised if stuff keeps going missing and I’m not around,” he allegedly said, according to the victim’s statement to police.

The victim told police she learned Cushman had a key to her apartment of which she had been unaware. On March 4 and 13, she reported additional break-ins with no forced entry, and the thefts of about $100 worth of jewelry, her laptop and a tablet computer.

The case broke open after the victim set her laptop to photograph anyone entering her apartment, according to the police report. The laptop captured photos of Hibert crossing her doorstep and sent them to the woman’s phone. She then turned the pictures over to police, the report said.

Officers went to Hibert’s home, where he surrendered the stolen items, according to the report. He was taken to the station and cooperated with police, saying Cushman had described the items as his property. Cushman allegedly gave Hibert the key and said to recover his laptop and tablet from his girlfriend’s apartment. During the earlier theft of the jewelry, Hibert told police, Cushman broke into the apartment using a screwdriver.

Hibert was released on his personal recognizance.


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