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Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung just recently released its flagship device Galaxy Note 5 but it seems like they’re not stepping on the brakes as the South Korean tech giant is rumored to have a Galaxy Note 6 in the works. And it’s said to be not just a regular phablet but a powerful innovation for Samsung’s line.

According to a report by Android Pit, the Galaxy Note 6 will be a laptop hybrid device. This means that the phablet can be placed on a laptop dock, effectively serving two purposes. Fans will have to cross their fingers that this won’t cost too much. The rumor is based on Patently Mobile’s report back in May saying that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office showed a Samsung patent application that involves an all-new dual OS operating system hybrid device.

As a Galaxy Note, it would normally run its Android operating system when it is used as a smartphone. But when it is used with a “notebook-like shell companion component,” it would right away turn to using a Windows operating system. The site also included an image of the Samsung patent showing how the phablet served as a touchpad when docked. It would also become the laptop’s processor and memory.

Speaking of processor and memory, these two essentials are expected to be powerful. International Business Times noted that the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 will carry a 16-core processor couple with 8 GB of RAM. With such specs, the phablet can easily be marketed as a gaming PC. The next flagship device is also said to come with 4K display resolution.

Other rumored specs of the device include a 6 or 6.2-inch display size, 30-megapixel rear camera, 16 or 7-megapixel front snapper, 4,200 mAh battery with fast charging feature, fingerprint sensor and more.

It’s still too early to tell when the device will be launched but it’s speculated to come out next year. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and 5 arrived in October 2014 and August 2015 respectively. Based on that, the Galaxy Note 6 may come mid-to-late 2016.


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