Review: The TarDisk doubles a MacBook’s storage in about 30 seconds (+video) – Computerworld

If you’re looking to double the storage capacity of a pre-2016 MacBook or MacBook Pro — and you’re not into ripping and replacing your existing drive — the TarDisk SD expansion card may be for you.

TarDisk has been selling its SD expansion card for several years now. It’s up to version 7.0 of its pairing/data migration software.

The TarDisk is a half-length SD card designed to fit flush with your laptop or desktop’s SDXC port. It permanently pairs with your MacBook (or MacBook Pro) to seamlessly increase its storage capacity by either 128GB or 256GB. 

The TarDisk SD card’s capacities mirror those of the base model of MacBook in order to double the system’s storage. The SD card is marketed as a simpler way of doubling capacity compared to adding a new SSD to your laptop.


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