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SanDisk Dual USB Drive 2

Cloud syncing services like Dropbox and iCloud Drive connect most of our devices nowadays, and AirDrop offers fast data transfer between Macs for smaller files… when it works. Physically moving files from one machine to another using a drive in the middle, or sneakernet, remains the most reliable way to quickly move files between Macs for many. Without a proper adapter, Apple’s 12-inch MacBook doesn’t fit into this workflow though. That’s where SanDisk’s Dual USB Drive ($49.99), comes into play.

Dual USB Drive conveniently works with both USB-C MacBooks and traditional USB ports on other Macs or PCs, all in a tiny package with plenty of storage…



SanDisk Dual USB Drive 1

Aside from working with both USB Type C ports and older USB ports, Dual USB Drive packs in 32GB of portable storage in a physically tiny flash drive. The majority of the flash drive consists of the USB 3.0 and USB-C connectors with the whole stick measuring just 2-inches long, 3/4-inches wide, and 1/2-inch thick.

SanDisk Dual USB Drive 4

A plastic protector of sorts swivels to cover whichever end of the flash drive isn’t in use. This locks into place over either the USB 3.0 or USB-C end to cover the opposite connector. The USB 3.0 connector is very thin but unlike the USB-C connector is not reversible.

Fully extended, Dual USB Drive isn’t much longer than the height of the 42mm Apple Watch with about the same thickness. A small loop between either connector lets you connect Dual USB Drive to your keychain or lanyard, although the slot is very small and did not fit my keys.

SanDisk Dual USB Drive 3

Just a week before Apple announced the 12-inch MacBook with USB-C, SanDisk unveiled the first flash drive to feature both traditional USB 3.0 and the new reversible USB connector. Google then released its Chromebook Pixel 2 with not one but two USB-C ports, Android M will add support for the new connector to Google’s mobile operating system, and we recently learned that Thunderbolt 3 will take on the new reversible port shape.

USB-C is clearly here to stay and will appear on more devices in the future, but traditional USB ports on our older devices aren’t going anywhere just yet. In the meantime, SanDisk’s Dual USB Drive is a super useful flash drive solution for storing and moving data between different Macs and PCs. Dual USB Drive excels at compatibility with different port types and does this in a physically small 32GB flash drive. Dual USB Drive is a handy purchase for anyone with USB-C hardware.

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5 Responses to “Review: SanDisk Dual USB Drive connects with the 12-inch MacBook’s USB-C port & traditional USB”

  1. My big problem ere is that OS X doesn’t read NTFS……


    • The solution that I use is quite easy. All my USB flash drives are under 32 GB because I have not need for anything bigger when it comes to this type of data storage and portability. All of my USB flash drives are formatted FAT which gives both Windows and Mac read and write capability.


    • 98cobra says:

      OS X can read NTFS just fine… it can also write to it with some simple tweaks. That being said, NTFS is the last FS I would use for a thumb drive. ExFat is unquestionably the best choice as it doesn’t have any of FAT32s limitations and has full support for basically all OSs (

      I have this new Sandisk and it works great. First thing I did was format it to ExFAT with Disk Utility.


  2. I bought this for my MacBook and whilst it’s working as a drive, I find the plastic protector rather annoying and a bit pointless.

    When unplugged the protector can only protect either the USB A or C end, so one side is going to be unprotected. Also when covering the C end, it’s offering little protection anyway, as the cover is so much larger than the C plug there’s a big gap between it and the protector.

    I think some sort of sliding cover or removable cap would have been better than this rotating style cover.


  3. Mike Leardo says:

    But it’s not $39.99 at Best Buy…



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