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I recently doubled the drive capacity of my MacBook Air, thanks to an innovative new solution called TarDisk, a tiny drive that slots into the SD card port on the side of your Apple laptop.


Available in capacities of 128GB ($149) and 256GB ($399), TarDisk is a precision cut aluminium flash drive that slots neatly into your Mac’s SD slot to bring you its extra capacity, though there are a few restrictions and limitations to its use. You can also use the disk as a normal (external) SD storage drive and the solution’s available for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.


Isn’t simple. First you must disable FileVault, run installation software and then re-enable FileVault. Once you’ve installed the software using Pear Installer your Mac’s disk capacity will be increased. If you check Disk Utility you’ll see two drives listed, both with the same capacity (the total capacity applies across both). What’s happened is that Tardisk has become a Fusion Drive, the solution enables commands at the root of OSX to logically allocate files between Tardisk Pear enabled hardware and your original (probably-full-by-now) Hard Drive.

In use the data you use most often will be hosted on your original drive, while less used data (and yes, this includes System files) will be hosted on the new SSD drive. The new logically-merged volume is managed by OS X, and the company cites its own performance tests using BlackMagic, GeekBench and NovaBench, show equivalent or slightly improved MacBook performance once the disk is installed. I’ve seen no impact from its use.


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