Razer lets you pretend you own a MacBook for the price of an iPad – Geek

Perhaps you purchased an iPad Pro instead of a real computer to save a little money and get all the cool iOS apps. It’s really just a big iPad, though, isn’t it? If you’ve been wishing you had a MacBook instead, Razer is coming to your rescue with a robust keyboard cover than makes your tablet look like a laptop. Oh, but isn’t there already an official smart keyboard cover? Yeah, but Razer’s has mechanical keyswitches.

Like all keyboard cases for the iPad, the Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for iPad (it’s not named after a snake like Razer’s other products) connects to the device over Bluetooth. It wraps all the way round the back of the device and has a metal kickstand that holds the tablet up with a hinge rather like a laptop. The polycarbonate cover portion is detachable as well. Apple’s cover can charge the tablet via the proprietary smart connector, but Razer’s keyboard doesn’t do that. Its power supply is only for itself.


As for the keyboard, one of the things that makes it look more laptop-like is the thicker frame. That’s because each and every key on the keyboard has a mechanical switch. These low-profile switches provide true tactile feedback and more travel than the keys on the official smart cover, or even a regular laptop keyboard. Razer says each switch is good for 80 million keystrokes. Interestingly, the actuation force is 70g on these switches. That’s toward the high end for a mechanical keyboard. A standard blue switch is around 55-60g.

If this keyboard sounds like the perfect companion for your iPad Pro, you’ll have to drop $169.99 — that’s the same price as Apple’s official cover. The Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case goes on sale today on the company’s website and in select retail stores.


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