New MacBook Air Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4? – Gazette Review

Apple is not done competing against other companies. They recently launched their new music streaming service that will go up against many others in the music industry. Now, the giant is looking to challenge the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, even though they have already released the super thin and light MacBook. According to reports and rumors going around the internet, the company is launching the 2016 MacBook Air this fall. Master Herald revealed a bit more about the popular laptop:

“Details on the 2016 MacBook Air are still scarce as of this time but reports indicate that it will be better than the predecessor model that Apple unveiled to the market last year.”

The people mentioning the new device are calling it the “2016 MacBook Air,” but no one really knows if it’s going to have that name. Fans of Apple are hoping that the new device brings major improvements this time around. The current MacBook Air has a screen with a 1440 x 900 pixel resolution, which is not the best out there. In comparison, the current MacBook, released two months ago, has a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution screen, even though the screen on the device is a little bit smaller.

Surface Pro 4

The Surface Pro 4 will probably be out by the time this new MacBook Air is released. Microsoft’s product will most likely feature a digital screen for pen input just like the previous version, which gives them a huge advantage over competitors.

Surface Pro 4With all the reports and rumors going around, many believe that the Surface Pro will come out way before Apple’s new product. There are even some sites saying that the new Surface Pro will hit stores with Windows 10 on July 29, that’s a week and a month from now. It is possible that Apple is planning to compete with the iPad Pro rather than the new laptop. A few days ago, Apple Insider revealed something very interesting:

“Developers digging into the iOS 9 beta discovered that Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad — typically referred to as the iPad Pro — might get a unique, larger keyboard, with extra keys including an entire row dedicated to characters like asterisks and parentheses. The keyboard is only toggled to appear for an unreleased iPad size.”

Resolution, OS and Pen

Apple Insider thinks that the iPad Pro could have a 2732 x 2048 pixel resolution retina display that will have a similar pixel density as the iPad Air 2. Other tech sites have the iPad Pro featuring an improved version of OS X instead of the operating system that comes with the iPads and iPhones out there right now. Many say the iPad Pro will come with a digital pen, which makes fans and experts wonder if this is the product that is going to go up against the Surface Pro 4 and not the new laptop.

Apple fans won’t get much this summer, but the release of the iPhone 6s and the rumored iPad Pro and MacBook Air, will cheer them up this fall.


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