New Apple Store gets a MacBook roof – CNET

Apple fans, get your cameras ready. Apple’s new Chicago store is currently under construction and will come equipped with its very own MacBook roof. So even if you don’t buy a Mac, you can at least take selfies under one.

Yesterday, the construction crew placed Apple’s iconic logo in the middle of the overhead silver structure before rolling it up just an hour later. That short time, however, was all it took to reveal the eye-grabbing laptop roof, which, as reported by DNA Chicago, wasn’t detailed in the original plan outline provided in 2015.

The 20,000-square-foot store, designed by London’s Foster+Partners, will essentially be a giant glass box that extends all the way up to the Chicago River. The thin walls and slim ceiling are described as an effort to blur the boundaries between what’s perceived to be inside and outside of the shop.

“We wanted the building to be as light and transparent as possible,” Foster+Partners partner James McGrath told the Chicago Tribune.

Apple has yet to reveal the opening date for the store.




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