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MSI’s GT72S Dominator Pro G Dragon breaks barriers unheard of just a few years ago by offering desktop-class CPU performance, desktop-class storage performance and desktop-class graphics performance in a laptop.

The attention-grabber here is the use of Nvidia’s new GeForce GTX 980 chip, which promises 1:1 performance of the desktop GeForce GTX 980. Yes, really. No joke.

If you need it explained in pictures, it’s like Nvidia took this:

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980

and jammed it into this.

pc gamer gifts msiIDG


Don’t yawn, you cynical gamer. Sure, we’ve been able to get GeForce GTX 980M graphics chips all year long, but that part has only 75 percent of its desktop counterpart’s power. With the confusingly named GeForce GTX 980 mobile chip, it’s true desktop performance at last. 

Before we dive into performance, more on this striking Dragon. It might seem like just a reissue of the older GT72 Dominator. There’s one big difference on the outside: The dragon on the lid of the laptop casts a glowing eye when the laptop is powered on. It’s a big upgrade over the rather sedate, black lid of the older GT72 Dominator.

pc gamer gifts msi 2 IDG

Enter The Dragon. MSI’s GT72S Dominator Pro G Dragon features a, well, red dragon on its aluminum lid with an eye that glows when on.

A redesigned keyboard makes the keys brighter. Those keys, unfortunately are still just zone-lit—MSI officials cited the cost and power consumption of a per-key RGB setup. The keyboard uses standard dome keys—if you want mechanical keys, you’ll have to pony up for the GT80 Titan SLI


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