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Taking to the stage at the first day of Microsoft’s ‘Future Decoded’ event at the London ExCeL centre today, Microsoft’s ‎Corporate Vice President of Devices Panos Panay revealed the Surface Pro with LTE, targeting the mobile professional and the enterprise markets who are looking for alternatives to the MacBook Pro.

The Surface Pro LTE was trailed at the launch of the Surface Pro earlier this year. The addition of 4G LTE connectivity will allow the ultra-convertible to work untethered from a hotspot-creating smartphone, to increase the security offered to Enterprise partners, and to allow consumers to stay connected to Microsoft’s cloud-based services while out and about.

It does feel like a marginal gain – activating a hotspot on a smartphone to allow another device to share its internet connectivity is not a difficult task – but as Microsoft continues to improve the Surface hardware, these marginal gains are adding up to the digital equivalent of winning the Tour de France.

Microsoft Surface Pro (image: Microsoft PR)Microsoft PR

Microsoft Surface Pro (image: Microsoft PR)

The base model of the Surface Pro with LTE comes with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. There will also be an 8 GB model with 256 GB of storage. Both ship with the Intel Core i5 processor, the former priced at $1,149, the latter at $1,449, and will be available from December 1st 2017.

You’ll note that the LTE version of the Surface Pro is not available with an i7 processor. That configuration does require a fan to keep the electronics at the optimum temperature, and the fanless i5 variant can put the LTE circuitry into that same space. Your choice could boil down to more power with an i7, or more connectivity with LTE.

As Apple continues to play around with the gimmicky Touch Bar on the MacBook pro range, Microsoft is pushing its vision of Windows 10 to the market (and its manufacturing partners) with practical additions such as LTE joining the benefits of a touch screen, pen-based computing, and end-to-end integration of consumer and enterprise solutions if required.

As Microsoft looks towards a world where more of the workforce will be mobile, the Surface Pro with LTE is the ultimate balance of power and portability.

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