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As Apple recently launched their new devices in the “Hey, Siri” event and the upcoming big launch of the Windows 10 devices in October is nearing, there are swirling rumors that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Mac Book Pro 2016 are already in the works.

According to the Venture Capital Post, Apple enthusiasts will be glad to know that the MacBook Pro 2016 will be a gaming laptop for having an “NVIDIA GPU plus an external GPU” solely made for Apple devices. The Gamestream Co-op will also be incorporated in the “graphics chipset” which will let the gamers to play online and can stream by another user.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4, on the other hand, is expected to have “significant upgrades” on its released as noted by Tech Times. The new features will include a larger display, longer battery life, a more powerful processor and will have an Intel RealSense 3D camera.

The upcoming Microsoft device was said to be powered by Intel’s new Skylake processors, which was recently unveiled at the IFA 2015 trade show. The MNR Daily reported that the reason of the Surface Pro 4 late release is because they are waiting for the Skylake processors’ launched. The site also added that the new processor will help the unit to improve its battery life, power and performance.

Meanwhile, as cited by Christian Today, the new MacBook Pro will also be using a new chipset called Skylake, too, it will increase the consumption of the battery while powering up the device. The chipset will also allow the use of Force Touch Technology by Apple Watch to work hand-in-hand will other Apple laptops that will be launched in 2016.

The MNR Daily also took note that the Surface Pro 4 has a feature of the Hello facial recognition which is already included in Windows 10. It will allow the users to login to the device without using a password. Furthermore, the device now has 14-inches display but, of course, the current 12-inches size is here to stay. Other added features are the fingerprint scanner and USB Type C ports as noted by Tech Times.

The Venture Capital Post noted that the Apple’s flagship laptop will be in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes. Other specs will include the operating system OS X El Capitan, too, a type-C USB port. It is said to be thinner and lighter compared to the previous models.

The MacBook Pro 2016 is rumored to be out in the market in October while the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is expected to be unveiled on the sixth day of the said month. However, prices of the units are not yet revealed. 


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