• Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Photo : Facebook)

It is not clear when the MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2016 are showing up; however there is information that the two laptops could be released as early as next month. On the other hand, several reports suggest that the tech giant Microsoft may launch the Surface Pro 4 in October 2015.

All of the devices have impressive specifications and features.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

According to WCCFtech, the Surface Pro 4 will be powered by Intel’s Skylake processor. The Skylake chips can support 4k video output at 60fps.

Reports also suggest that Skylake features an integrated image-signal processor that can support 4 cameras and a 13MP sensor.  It is expected that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will come with 16GB RAM, 3.5MP front snapper and an 8MP primary shooter.

The device will run Windows 10 out of the box. Furthermore, it is expected that the Surface Pro 4 will carry a stylus pen. Rumors are also doing the rounds that the upcoming tablet will come in two variants, the  14-inch screen and 12-inch screen.

MacBook Air 2016

According to Android Origin, the Macbook Air 2016 will use the new Skylake Core i processors from Intel. Intel’s newest product will allow the MacBook Air 2016 to run better and faster than its predecessors. Also, the Skylake processors come with DDR4 support. Several reports suggest that new laptop will be slimmer than its predecessors and will feature Force Touch.

The tech giant Apple has redesigned the keyboard in the new device, making the keys better and bigger – made with stainless steel. In addition, the new keyboard comes with a separate LED for every key.

MacBook Pro 2016

Like MacBook Air 2016, MacBook Pro 2016 will have the Intel Skylake Processor. It is expected that the device will come out in two variants. The premium edition will feature 516GB internal storage, 8GB RAM and a 15-inch display. The standard edition, on the other hand, will feature a 128GB internal storage, 4GB RAM and 13-inch display.

The Macbook Pro 2016 is expected to have Retina Display and Force Touch technology. Rumors suggest that the Macbook Pro models will have a new design and will come in colors such as space grey, gold and silver.