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As anticipation for the Surface Pro 4 and the 2016 MacBook Air grows even further, more speculations and comparisons of both devices have made the rounds on the Internet. Based on the leaks that have been revealed so far, it appears both gadgets have serious tech appeal that may very well get consumers to get either one.

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But first, this question: which one is better?

The buzz has it that Microsoft may be releasing two versions of the Pro 4, with one having a 12-inch screen and the other getting a bigger display at 14 inches. Apple’s ultralight laptop release won’t involve 2 versions or sizes, although the upcoming model will be expected to “improve on the features that did not work out quite as well as its 2015 counterpart,” according to VineReport.

“The Surface Pro 4 will probably have two types of RAMs. The cheaper model will have 4 GB of RAM while the higher-end model will have 8 GB,” Christian Post said. “With regards to storage, the lower-end model would probably have 128 GB while the higher-end models will have 256 GB or maybe even 512 GB.”

“There are also reports that the device might have a 2,160 x 1,440 pixel resolution display and both lower and higher-end versions might be running on Windows 10,” the site added.

Meanwhile, the 2016 MacBook Air will reportedly have the latest chip rolling out of Intel’s doors, the Skylake processors.

“The 2.3GHz i5-6200U and the 2.4GHz i5-6300U chips are appropriate for the lower-end MacBook Air models, while the 2.5GHz i7-6500U and the 2.6GHz i7-6600U would be used in the higher-end MacBook Air models,” MacRumors aid. “All four chips include Intel HD 520 graphics. With Skylake, Intel has opted to simplify its graphics naming scheme, adopting 3-digit numbers instead of 4-digit numbers.”

Further, Microsoft’s latest iteration of its tablet-cum-laptop will include a docking station and other accessories that will be compatible with those used for the Surface Pro 3.

“The company might also include a new Surface Pen with the Surface Pro 4 after Microsoft was able to buy N-Trig, a company which specializes in stylus technology,” Christian post further revealed.

On the other hand, the MacBook Air 2016 may reportedly come “with a Touch ID feature and incorporate the Force Touch technology to the trackpad similar to the MacBook Pro,” VineReport said.

On top of that, the upcoming Apple laptop will be lighter and even thinner than any other laptops released by the Cupertino-based company.

The impending arrival of a 12-inch tablet that can work like a laptop can give Apple and other mobile gadget makers a run for their money. However, based on feedback of some who were still not perfectly fine with using an unstable keyboard on the go, there’s still a good chance Apple may trump Microsoft’s slate.

Which one do you think is the superior model?