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Microsoft has revitalized itself with the Surface Pro and Surface Book notebooks. Now, it looks like they are trying to take things a step further. Windows Central has the news.

“Microsoft is developing a new Surface all-in-one (AIO) PC running Windows 10. The information comes from a reliable source who has confirmed the news with Windows Central and it follows an earlier report by Digitimes. While Digitimes claims a Q3 2016 release for the alleged Surface AIO, our sourcing suggests such details are undecided at this time.”

Apple iMac
The Surface Desktop will take on Apple’s iMac all-in-one computer. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

The article adds that like other next-generation Surface Products, the release date will depend on availability for Intel’s new Kaby Lake processor, which is the successor to the current Skylake processor that is included on most recent Microsoft products.

As Windows Central and other sources note, Microsoft is looking to use its new PixelSense technology in the new Surface desktop, which will allow direct interaction with the Surface interface and offer a multi-user touch experience. PixelSense also employs object recognition, which would allow the screen to identify when you are putting your smartphone and other things on it.

The comments after the article indicate excitement for the Microsoft Surface all-in-one desktop.

“As a coffee table device this could be the Surface name going full circle, not that anybody could ever afford the original ‘Surface’ table, the legs alone were pricey for a consumer,” says Dan Harris.

“An AIO that sits on your desktop where you can tilt and pull the screen down for drawing and other creative purposes would be nice. Whatever MS does, I’m sure it’ll have a few surprises like when they revealed the Surface Book,” claims Ladydias.

There is a lot of excitement for Microsoft’s upcoming Surface device on Twitter as well.

In addition to the Surface desktop, Microsoft is preparing the Surface Pro 5. According to Trusted Reviews, the new Surface Pro may have a 4K screen.

“A new report claims that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will feature a 4K Ultra HD display, which would be a first for the series. By contrast, the Surface Pro 4 has a maximum 2,736 x 1,824 pixel resolution.”

The article adds that the standard version of the Pro 5 may not have the 4K panel, but Microsoft might offer the display as a paid-for upgrade — this is what companies such as HP and Lenovo have been doing. This might not be a big deal to many consumers, as the current 2,736 x 1,824 display is considered stunning.

Microsoft Surface Book
The updated Microsoft Surface Book may not be released until 2017. [Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

Then, there is the Surface Book. TechRadar believes that Microsoft may wait until 2017 to deliver the Surface Book 2 since Redstone 2, the version of Windows 10 that will follow the Windows 10 Update that arrives on August 2, will be released in Spring 2017. Microsoft’s top-of-the-line notebook is also rumored to have a 4K screen.

Besides the Surface desktop, the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2, WinBeta claims that the Surface Phone is still on, but that it will be aimed for business users instead of Android and iPhone customers. ZDNet also says the Surface Phone will be business-based, but they add that it will have an ARM processor instead of one from Intel. It is still believed that the Surface Phone will run a full version of Windows 10.

Just three years ago, it was widely thought that Microsoft’s glory was all in the past. However, with the Surface Pro line as well as Windows 10, Microsoft has made a major comeback. Which new Microsoft product are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]


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