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Apple’s MacBook Pro has been a market leader in laptop industry for a very long time, and always in a different league. Many people prefer its distinct operating system, sleek design, or just the brand name too. Recently, Microsoft has also entered the market with its own laptop called Surface Book. Microsoft seems to have an agenda of giving a tough competition to Apple’s MacBook Pro, and so far it seems to be on the path of success with that particular agenda.


Microsoft seems to be putting its big guns to use here. The classy and shiny design coupled with a massive processing power brings the new Surface Book almost toe-to-toe with MacBook Pro. Its 13.5-inch touch screen detachable from keyboard puts Surface Book ahead of MacBook Pro. It means Surface Book can also serve as a tablet. Anyone who has had the opportunity to use Surface book will definitely warn Apple to be careful about its latest competition.

In terms of design, Surface Book has turned out to be as impressive as Apple’s laptops. It has a striking magnesium finish with straight cut edges that give it a sleek look. A lot of designing is very much reminiscent of Apple’s MacBook. Surface Book has a Windows logo on its panel at the back just like the one on Microsoft’s tablet, Surface Pro 4. To give the laptop a touch of ease when it shifts to a tablet form, the power and volume buttons are positioned at the top corner of display screen. It may be an odd location for these keys on a laptop, but when the screen is detached from keyboard, the keys are helpful.

Surface Book weighs equally as MacBook Pro does. At the same time, it looks a bit more toward the chunky side than MacBook. When both devices are kept with their screens shut, Surface Book is 0.2 inches thicker than MacBook Pro, which is 0.7 inches thick. It is because of a tiny gap between Surface Book’s screen and its keyboard to avoid them from touching each other when the screen is shut. Moreover, the keyboard cannot sink into laptop’s body like it does in MacBook Pro because Surface Book has an extra battery pack fitted into that area.

Switch Between Tablet, Laptop

There are many companies that came up with this idea of a hybrid laptop/tablet. Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba have already experimented with this idea in the past. Without going into details, it is safe to say that Surface Book is making a much bigger impact in the industry because Microsoft seems to have done everything right. Microsoft knows Surface Book has to go big in terms of a laptop, then as a tablet, as statistics show hybrid laptops/tablets are used in their tablet form for only 20% of total time.

Surface Book uses a strong “Muscle Wire” lock. The lock is so strong that the user can hold on to the laptop’s screen and swing it around and it will not snap off keyboard. This kind of sturdy design has never been achieved before with the hybrid laptops/tablets. Surface Book’s base is not just an ordinary keyboard. It has two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack, a SD Card reader, and a jack where Surface Book is connected. Alongside, there is also a mini display port. In contrast, MacBook Pro has two thunderbolt slots, two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack and an HDMI port.

Bigger Tablet

The Clipboard Mode on Surface Book is the one in which the screen is detached from keyboard and it is used as a tablet. Its screen is much larger than that of other tablets commonly available on the market. For designers and artists it could be very easily used as a drawing board, moreover the new Surface Pen makes the whole experience a whole lot easier.

Stunning Display

The PixelSense display technology used in Surface Book gives a stunning look to the display that brings it to par with the display quality on MacBook Pro. Surface Book has a 3000 x 2000 screen resolution with a 267 pixels/inch pixel density. MacBook Pro has a 227 pixels/inch pixel density. It is the reason why images and text look a lot starker and distinct on Surface Book than MacBook Pro.


Touchpads on Apple’s laptops have always been unrivaled. However, the one built in Surface Book is on a par with that of MacBook Pro. Microsoft accepted some of its laptop unit had issues with their touchpads, and also promised to fix that with a future software update.

Pricing, Performance Review

Surface Book has so far stayed true to its hype and Microsoft has delivered a lot in terms of performance. MacBook Pro has been on the market much longer and the way Apple has positioned it, it is indeed a high-end premium laptop and the performance justifies that positioning. In terms of pricing, Surface Book with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD is priced at $1500 whereas the MacBook Pro with similar hardware costs $1,300.


Surface Book is a great device and has shown amazing performance as a tablet and a laptop too. Microsoft seems to be recovering from total disaster that Windows 8 was. The only issue with Surface Book was the faulty touchpad on a few devices, but if Microsoft is able to correct it with a software update, there should be no other problem.


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