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HOUSTON – Video obtained by Channel 2 shows a thief snatch Kaylee Martinez’s $1,300 laptop from right in front of her after he and another thief targeted Martinez and another woman who were studying.

It happened Saturday night shortly after 9 p.m. at the Tout Suite cafe on Commerce Street in downtown Houston.

“In that moment it was kind of just like, ‘Oh my gosh, $1,300 is running out the door right now,'” Martinez said.

What you don’t see, is for minutes before the thief grabbed Martinez’s MacBook, he and an accomplice apparently were casing the restaurant looking for targets.

When he swipes the laptop, you can see he gets slowed by the cord momentarily, drops the computer, and Martinez and her friends almost catch him before he escapes.

VIDEO: Laptop theft surveillance video

But he ends up getting through the door and they chase him for several blocks before he gets away in a waiting red Nissan.

There was a getaway car, and they pulled up, and they were honking,” Martinez said. “And then they opened the doors and the two gentlemen got in the back and they sped off.”

Martinez, a college student and mother of two, is now using laptops that belong to family and friends to study.

She said the whole experience has taught her several valuable lessons.

“Don’t sit near the door,” she said. “I feel like that was a huge mistake on my part to be so close to the door. It made me an easy target.”

Deputy constables are investigating the case.

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