macOS High Sierra OUT NOW – Your MacBook and iMac gets major update, new features REVEALED –


Along with obvious application updates, macOS High Sierra also improves the speed and performance of your Mac.

The new Apple File system has been built for the future and speeds up the way your Mac handles your data.

All data structures are now 64-bit, allowing Apple File System to efficiently address huge storage devices and provide timestamps with nanosecond precision.

It’s also safer for your files with crash protection giving higher reliability and protection against data loss and document save operations are now performed in a way that eliminates any window of vulnerability when things could be lost due to system failures such as power loss.

Apple File System also helps increase your disk space as duplicate files are now “cloned” rather than copied.

These copied files stay in this memory-free state until they edited or modified.

Apple is also boosting disk space by bringing High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) to its operating system.

This crunches 4K content without losing any quality and it can save up to 40 per cent of space on your Mac.

macOS High Sierra adds support for virtual reality headsets including the HTC Vive.


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