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People have been patiently awaiting a major upgrade for the MacBook Pro since 2013. Now, there are some people who are fearing that Apple’s latest notebook may not arrive until 2017. This is because it is rumored that Apple wants to use the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors, which won’t be widely available until the very end of 2016. However, Macworld UK, a site that originally thought the new MacBook Pro would be announced in September, says that the MacBook Pro could be announced in October.

Apple MacBook Pro
Is Apple’s new MacBook Pro really coming out in 2016? [Image via Daryl Deino]

“Instead, we’re expecting the MacBook Pro to be announced in October, alongside an upcoming iPad. We had originally thought that the theory was backed up by the lack of a MacOS Sierra release date, but following the event we discovered that Apple has quietly announced that the new operating system is coming this month.”

Bloomberg was the first site to announce the new MacBook Pro last month.

“Apple Inc. is preparing the first significant overhaul of its MacBook Pro laptop line in over four years, according to people familiar with the matter, using one of its older products to help reverse two quarters of sliding sales.”

The article added that the updated notebooks would be thinner, include a touchscreen strip, and contain more powerful and efficient graphics processors. At the time, Bloomberg claimed the new notebooks had been in advanced testing since early this year and were expected to be released during the fourth quarter.

An article from iTech Post asks if the new MacBook Pro really is coming out this year.

“Apple made no announcement about the highly rumored MacBook Pro 2016 at the September 7 event and while this might be disappointing for some, it could actually be good news for others,” says columnist Victor Thompson, who adds that the delayed announcement could mean Apple is waiting to build their new top-line notebooks with Kaby Lake processors.

There is a lot of excitement for the new MacBook Pro on Twitter.

The new MacBook Pro couldn’t come at a more important time for Apple, which has been seeing a sales decline of all its products. As the Telegraph recently pointed out, Apple’s profits have fallen for the second consecutive quarter.

Apple Steve Cook
Many people believe that Tim Cook lacks the creative vision that Steve Jobs had. [Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

“On Tuesday night, the company reported a 27 percent decline in quarterly profits and a slide in revenue, as it struggled to boost sales of the iPhone almost 10 years after it was released,” the article claimed.

The Telegraph piece added that Apple also predicts sales would fall in the next quarter and that this has presented the biggest challenge to CEO Tim Cook since Steve Jobs died five years ago. An opinion piece at Tech Times recently indicated that Tim Cook really “needs to go.”

“As soon as he assumed his position at the helm of the company, Cook was met with skepticism. He had huge shoes to fill, as late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs was viewed as an iconic figure, a visionary and a true leader.”

The article reminded readers that when Cook took over, most industry experts and analysts questioned whether he’d be up for the part and it ends up that he wasn’t. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus announcement this week has led to more people thinking that Cook really isn’t innovative. However, Apple doesn’t have the same problems Samsung is having — devices that are actually blowing up on people. It would be unwise to ever count Apple out, especially since the Cupertino company has made so many comebacks before.

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