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Apple out of focus

Apple’s fastest-growing product segment is its services business, which includes Apple Music, the App Store, Apple Pay and iCloud, according to the company’s fourth-quarter 2016 earnings report. Apple will continue to build on these services, which are all designed to bolster the capabilities of its big moneymaker, iOS on the iPhone, Narcotta said.

“Macs are still a part of Apple’s value prop, but are not the marquee device,” Narcotta said. “I think Apple is kind of bored with the PC. The innovations are out of left field.”

The new MacBook Pro came out about 15 months after its previous update — longer than the average wait of about 10 months. It’s the first MacBook to not receive a recommended rating by Consumer Reports, which cited inconsistent battery life that varies from as high as 19 hours to less than four hours. 

Apple hasn’t updated the iMac, its high-end desktop computer, since October 2015, even though that product typically followed a similar update cycle to that of the MacBook Pro. And there has not been a new version of the MacBook Air in almost two years, but Apple may not have any intention of doing so, given that it launched the even thinner MacBook in April 2016. 

Michael Oh, CTO and founder of TSP LLC, an Apple reseller based in Boston, owns the new 15-inch MacBook Pro and is “very happy” with the machine overall, but one of the biggest issues is the ports, he said. Apple removed five of the ports, including the HDMI, SD card and Thunderbolt 2 ports, and it replaced them all with four USB-C ports. This change results in connectivity issues with other devices and monitors, and users have to buy additional dongles and adapters.

“You should do your research as to what it connects to before you buy it,” Oh said.

The starting price of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar is $1,799, which is more expensive than some Windows laptops and 2-in-1s with similar specifications. Microsoft’s Surface Book starts at $1,699, and the Surface Pro 4 with similar specs starts at $1,299.


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