• Apple is planning to stagger its launch for its 2016 MacBook editions.

Apple is planning to stagger its launch for its 2016 MacBook editions. (Photo : Reuters)

Rumors say that in introducing the iPhone 5SE and iPad Air 3 on March 15, Apple will likely squeeze in a model or two of the MacBook Pro and Air. The unveiling will then be followed by the actual release date, which should happen within or right after the 2016 WWDC in June. 

As the 2015 versions represent a huge jump from the previous models, in terms of specifications, usability and design, the 2016 builds are already fanning excitement on what to expect. So listed below are the minimum expectations:

Slimmest MacBook ever

Last year, Apple proved that it can fashion out a MacBook that brims with power but with a significantly slim down profile. Slim is gorgeous appears to be the statement packed with the MacBook 2015 and it is likely that the same will scream with the upcoming versions. And it’s safe to assume that the iteration will be thinner and lighter than ever.

Connectivity reconfigurations

As a direct result of the trimming down efforts, a number of MacBook features will have to say goodbye specifically in the connectivity section. In the likelihood that some of the usual ports will be eliminated, Apple engineers, as suggested by Gotta Be Mobile, will keep the Thunderbolt port and introduce what is seen as the wave of the (connectivity port) future – USB-C. And in doing so, the new MacBooks will likely show the exit door to the regular USB port.

Touchscreen Mac

It seems unlikely, but analysts are convinced that Apple will have to unpack a MacBook with touchscreen feature. In case the tech giant will follow the PC model, it is likely a 12-inch MacBook that also doubles as a tablet when detached from its keyboard dock, according to a recent Forbes report. Needless to say, this Touch Mac will be the first hybrid device from Apple but it remains to be seen if it will actually materialize anytime this 2016.

Intel Skylake

From Broadwell, speculations are rife that the MacBook will make the anticipated leapfrog to Skylake, specifically the sixth-generation type. As Intel has indicated, its latest processing chips will deliver optimal computing experience that translates to 20 percent more of power and up to 30 percent improvement in efficient energy use. In other words, Apple fans will not only get to take home the sexiest Mac ever but likely the most powerful OS X laptop ever produced.

As mentioned, there is a slim chance that the MacBook Pro and Air will be given sneak peeks this coming March but for the more realistic release date, June 2016 is to watch for.