MacBook Pro 2017 UPDATED Features, Specs & Rumors: Kaby Lake, Retina 2.0, 32 GB RAM & More – Droid Report

Apple has created a lot of buzz among the fans last year when they unveiled the new touch-bar feature to the MacBook Pro 2016. Now the Cupertino-based is expected to launch the edition of its famous MacBook series i.e. MacBook Pro 2017 edition this.

Apple seems intent on ensuring that the upcoming MacBook Pro 2017 would feature the best and latest processor that Intel has to offer, according to a TechRadar. Therefore, while the Company took its time, it seems that 2017 edition of MacBook Pro would finally be the year when Apple would embrace Intel’s 7th-generation Kaby Lake processors.

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Switching to Kaby Lake processors will give the MacBook Pro 2017 a necessary speed boost, especially as the laptop itself is designed for professional users. With Kaby Lake processors, Apple will not only be catching up to the rivals, but it would finally make the MacBook Pro 2017 a device that is worthy of its name, as per Inquisitr.

The rumored Kaby Lake upgrade for the MacBook Pro 2017 will also open up the possibility of a 32GB RAM option for the upcoming flagship laptop. With a 32GB option for the MacBook Pro 2017 Company would be able to offer a noteworthy configuration for the brand’s loyal power users.

Apart from the MacBook Pro 2017’s Kaby Lake processor and 32GB RAM option, rumors are also saying that the forthcoming laptop would be packing a superior battery pack than the 2016 model, as per Gotta Be Mobile. With the MacBook Pro 2017, Apple is said to improve the device’s power consumption.

MacBook Pro 2017 will also debut a Retina 2.0 display, a superior screen resolution which would exceed the best that the tech giant presently offers. Details about the MacBook Pro 2017’s display are limited, but speculations claim that device might feature a 3,200×1,800 QHD+ panel, which would be an important upgrade over the current model’s 2560×1600 resolution.

The MacBook Pro is one of Apple’s strongest brands, and it shows in the current-generation devices’ sales and with the MacBook Pro 2017, Apple has every chance to make its upcoming laptop not only worthy of its name but worthy of its reputation as well. If Cupertino-based tech giant will follow the yearly upgrade cycle, then MacBook Pro 2017 is expected to be released in early this year, between this month and May.


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