MacBook Pro 2016 – This simple update could help extend your laptop’s battery life –

With a faster processor, brighter screen and thinner design, Apple’s latest MacBook Pro was certainly an exciting update to the company’s popular range of laptops.

This latest portable PC from Cupertino also features the all-new Touch Bar.

This clever multi-touch Retina display replaces the function keys that usually run across the top of the MacBook Pro keyboard.

Unlike these traditional keys, the Touch Bar adapts and changes to the app you’re using – bringing interactive ways to adjust or browse through content.

and gave it a big thumbs up – however, there was one issue that mean’t it didn’t get the full five stars.

We found battery life to be wildly less than Apple’s stated 10 hour usage and at times we only got 4 hours from this state of the art machine.

And it seems we weren’t the only ones.


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