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MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors, News and Release Date: Hottest Features to Be Expected In the New Mac and other Apple Products

By Staff Writer | Jun 14, 2016 02:23 PM EDT

MacBook Pro

Apple threw its loyal army of fans into frenzy after the Cupertino-based tech giant’s latest announcements in its annual Worldwide Web Developers’ Conference (WWDC) headed by CEO Tim Cook who revealed a raft of upgrades for all of the company’s product lineups- Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac PCs.

For MacBook Pro users, the latest tech reveals are mind-blowing. One particular feature seems to excite a legion of Mac owners. As reported by Tech Crunch, gone are the days when users type in long boring passwords several times each day just to access their Mac device. Apple said that it will be automatically unlocked when the device owner wears an Apple Watch.

Tech News¬†also revealed that same feature also works on iPhones via Touch ID. Apple Watch can be unlocked through iPhone’s Touch ID feature when the user is wearing his/her wearable device. The smartwatch remains unlocked so long as it stays on the user’s wrist. If the wearable gadget senses its removal from the wrist, the iPhone automatically locks itself barring the user from access unless he/she wears the Apple Watch again.

And of course, the upcoming MacBook Pro flagship is expected to be ultra-thin with all ports replaced by USB Type C port. Above the keyboard is an OLED touchscreen which will serve as the Touch ID sensor.

Meanwhile, here is a rundown of some of the key updates mentioned at Apple’s WWDC as per Telegraph UK:

1. The tech giant has unveiled its latest mobile operating software, the iOS 10, that comes with softer aesthetic designs, interactive lock screen plus a customized home screen widgets.

2. A revamped Music, News, Maps and HomeKit Siri are all included in a software update launched on Mac with a raft of other tweaks like voicemail transcription, image search and writing messages.

3. watchOS and tvOS have received a design makeover too.

4. Apple Watch has become more health-focused and way faster.

5. Apple TV is getting an enhanced search.

6. OS X is now macOS. The next generation operating software will be branded as Sierra which comes with Siri, Apple Pay and auto-unlock.

The great software features are coming to MacBook Pro along with a number interesting hardware revamps that will give the portable PC its aesthetic rendition.

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