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MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors, News and Release Date: Apple Fall Behind Asus In Global Sales

By Staff Writer | Jul 15, 2016 01:55 PM EDT

MacBook Pro

Apple is clearly in deep water following a sharp decline in PC sales, which puts the Cupertino-based company in fifth spot just behind Asus. The plummeting sales data is putting a lot of pressure on MacBook Pro 2016 to raise its sales worldwide.

Market research data from Gartner and IDC revealed that Apple is in a precarious situation as Mac sales in June declined by 8.3% after the company posted only 4.4 million units sold. Its competitors fared rather well which performed comfortably well. As per Mac Rumors, Apple’s share in the PC market is currently at 7.4% until the second quarter.

The company’s recent lackluster performance in PC sales has been attribute to a number of reasons. According to Game N Guide, the sales decline may have been due to the recent product releases from its competitors. Also, MacBook fans are determined to hang on to their older devices until the highly expected launch of the MacBook Pro 2016. To reverse its declining sales in recent months, rumors suggest that the upcoming MacBook Pro flagship will reportedly have 13-inch and 15-inch ultra-slim variants equipped with promising tech features.

As reported by Tech Times, the laptop’s new features may include the following elements: Intel’s latest Skylake processors, NFC chip technology, USB-C / Thunderbolt, wireless charging, Touch ID fingerprint scanning, and OLED touchbar. On the software side, Apple MacBook Pro 2016 will reportedly run on MacOS Sierra and will feature Siri and touch ID unlocking mechanism.

With highly advanced processors under the hood, the latest MacBook Pro’s processing power may increase up to 20%. Tech experts also noted that laptops running Skylake also increases the devices’ battery life up to 30%. Moreover, new integrated graphics chips reportedly boosts performance by 16-41%.

So far, the Silicon Valley tech giant is yet to announce an official launch date. Many retailers are currently slashing the prices of old MacBooks leading up to the new MacBook Pro’s release sometime between September and December. 


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