MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors and Release Date: Could Ultrathin MacBooks Sound Death Knoll For MacBook Air? – News Every day

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  • (Photo : raneko / Flickr) Multiple reports suggest Apple could release 13″ and 15″ ultrathin notebooks at the end of second quarter

More than a year after the launch of MacBook Retina, Apple may refresh its line-up this year with 13″ and 15″ releases.

Multiple reports have emerged in the recent past suggesting the new releases in the third quarter this year will be ultra-thin MacBooks after Apple did not announce them at the recently concluded March 21 event. These reports have raised questions over the fate of MacBook Air; reports in the past have suggested Apple could do away with the Air version to let portable MacBooks become its primary offering. The original MacBook has been Apple’s best-selling laptop.

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We know that the rumoured 2016 models is would be similar in design to the existing 12-inch MacBook variant, albeit branded as ‘ultra-thin’. That Apple is rumoured to also refresh its MacBook Air line-up, is another story.

Additionally, Apple is expected to use the faster Intel Skylake processors in its new Mac line-up this year. Existing Apple laptops use Intel’s Broadwell processors. USB-C ports are also expected to be provided in MacBook 2016 versions, rumoured for launch with Retina Display.

Rumors of 13″ and 15″ versions have left one puzzling question: are these upgraded MacBooks, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? While all reports suggest upgraded MacBook, it seems counterintuitive that Apple would replace a year-old model and obscure the gap between its offerings. The same thinking applies to MacBook Pro models, which were refreshed last year.

It also remains to be seen if Apple can put high-end ‘pro-specs’ in an ultrathin notebook.

Apple has never released 15″ MacBook Air, which may rob the ultra-portability factor. If two new ultra-thin laptops featuring larger screens are launched this year, they could pave the way for MacBook Air exit.


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