• Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is Set for Major Design and Feature Revamps

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is Set for Major Design and Feature Revamps (Photo : Apple)

There is no solid evidence that the MacBook Pro 2016 release date will happen within or immediately after the 2016 WWDC this June but at the very least Apple is expected to reveal the key feature upgrades that later on will unpack with the OS X-powered laptops. 

To date, here are the top rumored feature upgrades for the next-generation MacBook Pros:

Intel Skylake and MacOS

It’s all but confirmed that from Intel Broadwell chip, Apple will use the sixth-generation Skylake processing chip in powering the MacBook Pro 2016. The most solid proof of such jump is the recently unveiled 12-inch MacBook 2016. With Skylake on board, new Macs are touted with significant gains on performance and speed with the bonus of longer operating hours.

Seen to run the MacBook Pro show this year is Apple’s new operating system called OS X 10.12 and more evidences are pointing to the likelihood of an OS rebrand – from OS X to MacOS.

Revamped form-factor

In a recent research note, well-known Apple watcher Ming-chi Kuo said that the MacBook Pro is up for a design overhaul, the first in four years, that will render the MBP trimmer and lighter than ever. The new MacBook Pro build is also a direct result of the switch from Broadwell to Skylake.

Kuo added that fans can expect two chief flavors from the 2016 menu – a 13-inch and a 15-inch edition.

Siri for Mac

Siri too, which is IPhone’s personal digital assistant, is nearly confirmed as a new addition to MacOS, giving MacBook users access to a popular iOS feature. The crossover marks the dawn of hands-free feature to the Mac platform, further sparking rumors of upcoming hybrid features for future MacBook models.

Touch ID

Another iPhone feature tipped as a new MacBook treat is Touch ID, which will be used to remotely unlock a Mac desktop or laptop. The function will be hardcoded with the OS X 10.12 rollout.


As shown in leaked MacBook pics, OLED is poised to become part of the Mac supply chain. Blog reports claim that OLED display panel will replace the traditional MacBook function keys, hinting of the ability to reconfigure the same keys for features that suit the work-style of users.

Apple Music and iTunes reinvented?

With the MacBook practically revamped, the setting is only expected to offer a refresh and according to 9to5Mac: “What many Mac users are really hoping for is a complete rethink of Apple Music, iTunes and the App Stores.” Details remain scarce on the supposed revisions but they are likely to reflect the emerging trends in users’ online media consumption. Apple Music, for example, will try to muscle its way to the top of streaming music scene that is currently dominated by Spotify.

Apple will kick off the 2016 WWDC June 13 and basing on Kuo’s forecast, a 13-inch Retina MacBook will launched via the event then the MacBook Pro 2016 release date will follow later on. The earliest possible touchdown is October.