• Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is Set for Major Design and Feature Revamps

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is Set for Major Design and Feature Revamps (Photo : Apple)

The 2015 MacBooks, which include the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros and the 12-inch MacBook, are once again on sale with “dramatic price reductions,” a new report said, somehow suggesting that Apple is clearing out the old stocks for the fresh units to come in. And that would be the MacBook Pro 2016 release date, which could happen real soon. 

But first, Mac fans can get hold of the existing models, which according to Apple Insider, are now with price tags that have been considerably chopped off. For the 12-inch MacBook, savings could go as high as $350 while shoppers opting for any of the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros will be given discounts ranging between $100 and $250.

All units will be shipped out by Apple authorized resellers Adorama and B&H totally free of cost with the bonus of waived sales tax for destinations outside of New York and New Jersey, the same report said.

The biggest price cut of the bunch is found on the 12-inch MacBook in Gold or Space Gray finish. The sticker price has been shrunk to $1249 or a rollback of $350. Any of the packages will boast of a 1.3GHz processor with 8GB of RAM while the internal storage is more than decent at 512GB. The seller is B&H.

For a slight bump on screen size and significant boost on computing power and speed, the choice has to be the 13-inch MacBook Pro from Adorama. The best on the basket is the 3.1GHz MBP that taps into 8GB of RAM with 512GB of storage space. The asking price is down to $1799 or less $200 from the original tag.

Or buyers can to upsize a little further and pick the 15-inch MacBook Pro that is powered by the combo of 2.8GHz processing chip and 16GB of RAM. The memory on board is 256GB, even more making the package a definitive steal at $2049. The cash back on this is set at $250.

Now as mentioned above, price cutbacks appear to be the norm lately for Apple’s MacBook lines, which only reinforce the speculations that the MacBook Pro 2016 refresh is coming soon as the current inventory is nearing depletion level. That would only mean that the replenishment is on its way.

And rumors say that the new MacBook Pro is a huge jump from the past versions. Inside, Intel Skylake chip is seen as the headline hardware upgrade and outside the build will be slimmer than ever for both the 13-inch and 15-inch form factors.

The MacBook Pro 2016 on release date will run on MacOS Sierra that will deliver new features such as Touch ID unlocking and Siri for Mac. Launch time is anywhere between August and October although analysts are predicting that earlier date is for the MacBook Air 2016 rollout that will unbox with minor specs bumps.