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The last time the MacBook Pro has been updated was last year. Though for most that would still be recent, some feel that the MacBook Pro is overdue for another update. With how fast technology is evolving today, it might make sense that the MacBook Pro should be updated as well.

The current Apple MacBook Pro. Though the MacBook Pro has been upgraded in 2015, some say that it might benefit it if it would be upgraded this 2016 with the new Intel Skylake processor. The earliest possible time Apple might announce it would be this March. (Apple)

According to Mac World, the MacBook Pro 13-inch version was last updated March 2015, while the 15-inch one was updated last May 2015. One of the needed makeovers for the MacBook Pro are its processors.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro has the Broadwell type of Intel processor, while the 15-inch MacBook Pro has the older Haswell Intel processor. Newer laptops are now coming out with the latest Skylake Intel processor, though the Broadwell Intel processor is still adequate to do the job.

Mac World speculates that Apple might upgrade the MacBook Pro with the Skylake processor this Q1 2016, and the latest might be for Q2. It is unlikely that Apple will delay the coming of MacBook Pro without Skylake.

If ever Apple would announce it, it might be on the event coming this March. The March event is said to launch the Apple Watch 2, the iPhone 6C—or iPhone 7C, for that matter, and iPad Air 3. That is not certain though, and Mac World said it might be pushed as far back as WWDC in June.

Its specs are still speculated as well. Currently the 15 inch MacBook Pro has 16gb RAM, and that might be maintained by Apple. 16gb RAM isn’t bad for a laptop, and would make it one of the more powerful laptops out.

The 15 inch MacBook Pro also has dual GPU, and that might be retained as well. One feature that is being speculated for the MacBook Pro 2016 is that it might be solar powered. The MacBook Air 2016 might also be solar powered as well. This will still have to be verified though.

Force Touch might also come to the MacBook Pro 2016. It is already being used on the iPhone 6S, and this might likely make it to the MacBook Pro 2016 as well.

Much of the speculations would be verified once the MacBook Pro 2016 is announced. As it might be coming out until March at the earliest, people will have to wait until that time for any confirmation from Apple.


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