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(Apple)The current MacBook Pro screen boasts of Retina Display screen

A lot of people were disappointed when Apple did not discuss about MacBook Pro upgrades during an event on March 21, although rumors that the improved version of the device will be released this June still stand. 

According to a report by DigiTimes, Apple will begin shipping ultra-thin 13- and 15-inch MacBooks by the end of the second quarter. Along with this, renowned brands like Asustek Computer, Dell, and Lenovo are also releasing their own versions of ultra-thin notebooks around the same period. 

Currently, the available MacBook Pro units are the 13- and 15-inch models which were last updated March and May of 2015 respectively. This made fans eager and excited for Apple’s event last week, believing they would receive news regarding a new MacBook Pro but none was divulged. 

A number of reports stated that the new MacBook Pro units would look similar to the present 12-inch MacBook models and also have only one USB-C port, although it is going to be thinner than the current MacBook Air. 

It remains uncertain though, since reports are also saying that instead of an upgraded version of the MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Air is on the rise. Like the rumors about MacBook Pro, the reported new MacBook Air will also have 13- and 15-inch displays. Apple’s current MacBook Air units are available at 11- and 13-inch models. 

In a report by MacRumors following Apple’s March 21 event, it was mentioned that the recent rumors involving the 13- and 15-inch displays are more appropriate for the MacBook Pro. However, it questioned Apple’s ability to succeed in installing “pro-level hardware” to a brand new notebook that will boast an “ultra-thin” feature. 

MacRumors added that the upgraded Mac lineup is set to have “faster Skylake processors and Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C,” suggesting that the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are also deserving to receive a new look and features. 


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