Macbook Pro 2016 release date: Specs and features rumor roundup for Apple laptop – ChristianToday

Apple has recently announced a slew of new devices and products for its legions of fans worldwide. However, conspicuously absent among the new lineups is a new MacBook. As such, there are many rumors and speculations flying about an upcoming Apple laptop.

According to Australia Network News, one of the sure-fire features for the upcoming 2016 Macbook is a Touch ID option. Considering that recent Apple flagships like the iPhone already have this feature, the website surmised that the next roll-out for an Apple laptop will also feature a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

In addition to additional security for the Apple device owner, this option will be a direct counter-feature against another contender, Microsoft. The upcoming Surface Book by the Redmond-based giant will feature an additional security option with Windows Hello. This add-on uses iris biometrics of the user for additional security.

Meanwhile, another rumor that is floating around is that a new MacBook will arrive this year. However, Realty Today reports this may not be the case. According to the website, Apple will have to concentrate first on the upcoming release of the iPad Pro, which is apparently scheduled for next month. If the Cupertino-based company pushes through with a new laptop announcement, this could take the spotlight away from either one, which would make for a slump in interest, and most probably, sales figures.

Another sign that Apple is not yet ready with another MacBook can be found in its markets. According to MacRumors, there are no price slashes for the current batch of MacBooks. Instead, Apple has raised its prices for the MacBook lineups in some parts of the world, most notably in Australia, Brazil, Norway, and even in Turkey. However, the website says that the price changes are reflective of the fluctuating dollar values, and not indicative of any marketing practices by Apple.


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