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  • Apple MacBook Pro 2016
  • A smaller version of MacBook Pro 2016 is said to replace the MacBook Air 2016.
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Millions of Apple followers are now excited for the upcoming release of the MacBook Pro 2016. Now, new reports are claiming that avid tech fans should expect more on the forthcoming Apple laptop as it will feature some of the most innovative technology today!

MacBook Pro 2016 specs, features and other details

MacWorld has reported that MacBook Pro 2016 is going to feature its own 4G connectivity that would allow users to connect to the internet even without a WiFi connection. The technology news out let has shared that Apple already filed a patent that features the cellular capabilities of the forthcoming MacBook Pro 2016.

As for its design, the MacBook Pro 2016 is said to become thinner and lighter than its predecessors even with its latest features such as Touch ID sensor, touch bar and a Butterfly key mechanism on its keyboard. Moreover, MacBook Pro 2016 gold and rose gold variants are also expected to be introduced later.

According to Apple Insider, the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 is going to sport the Kaby Lake processing chip and not the previously reported Skylake. As a matter of fact, sources have claimed that Intel has already shipped out the 7th Generation Kaby Lake processing chip to Apple, which is said to be used in the imminent MacBook Pro 2016.

Insiders have divulged that the Kaby Lake will allow MacBook Pro 2016 users to transfer data using the USB 3.1 Type C standard. According to the report, it will also be supporting the DisplayPort 1.2 with HDMI 2.0 and 4K displays at 60Hz.

MacBook 2016 release date, price, news & update

Meanwhile, as for its official release date, MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to arrive in October 2016, alongside iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2, during an annual Apple event. Several fans got really disappointed when Apple failed to deliver the much-awaited laptop during the WWDC 2016.

Furthermore, the MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to have a price of $1,299 up to $1,499 during its release. The imminent Apple laptop is expected to be available in 13-in and 15-in variants.

Other reports have claimed that a smaller version of MacBook Pro 2016 will be replacing the MacBook Air 2016. However, Up until now, Apple has remained tight-lipped on the details about the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 laptop; hence, fans should take all rumors with a grain of salt until proven true.

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