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Microsoft has just unveiled their very first venture into the laptop arena with the Microsoft Surface Book. The response has been mostly positive, with many chucking Apple’s new iPad Pro as no competition. Will Apple bounce back in the game by releasing a new MacBook Pro — and even a MacBook Air — out of its usual release cycle? All signs point to that. 

When Microsoft pulled the covers off of their Surface Book, they dubbed it as a “MacBook Pro killer.” Publications, though, were only quick to call it “iPad Pro killer,” just because the arena is almost the same (tablet-laptop hybrid) and because the iPad Pro is the latest thing to come out of Apple’s gates. That means the Cupertino-based company still has a chance to ease in a better MacBook Pro to battle the Surface Book. And it just might plan to do so as rumors of an earlier release for the 2016 version becomes ever stronger. 

For some time now, there have been talks of MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2016 breaking their release cycles so as to crush any possibilities off Apple users switching to the newer Microsoft model. Said talks resurfaced this month, with Latinos Health saying that Apple hopes to have the two new laptops and also the iPad Air 3 out by November. 

But this, of course, has to be taken with a grain of salt as opposing news are also out in the grapevine. Neurogadget claims that the Apple may only be a little bit fazed with the Surface Book because the release of the 2016 versions of its laptops won’t be so close to the Redmond-based company’s new offering. Instead, the site pegs the MacBook Pro 2016 for January. 

Apple has remained mum about the release of its new MacBook Pro. More news to be posted, as usual, as they become available. 

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