MacBook Pro 2016 release date: Laptop may be released early next year – ChristianToday

There’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the possible release date of the MacBook Pro 2016, though the latest rumors now suggest the new laptop may be released early next year.

According to Yibada, the MacBook Pro 2016 is reportedly on track to be released by spring of next year. If that release window seems a bit late for the new laptop, that’s supposedly because Apple has other plans in mind for the upcoming holiday season.

Instead of the MacBook Pro 2016 being released in time for this year’s holiday season, the new laptop will reportedly give way to the launch of the MacBook Air 2016 on this occasion. 

That timeline has reportedly been designed so that the MacBook air 2016 can go head to head against what Microsoft will be putting up against it this coming holiday season, and so that consumers will be able to set their sights on something new from Apple by the time next year rolls around.

In related news, rumors online have also suggested that the reason Apple has been reluctant to talk on the record about both the MacBook Air 2016 and the MacBook Pro 2016 is they are waiting on the market to dictate their next move.

According to Neurogadget, Apple is reportedly waiting for stocks of their already available MacBooks to start dwindling before they move ahead with new releases, and that may also be factoring into why the wait has been as long as it has been.

What’s clear is that consumers are indeed waiting on Apple to finally say something official about the two laptops, although the company could simply decide to hold off doing anything for now with the year nearing its end.

Folks who are waiting for the arrival of both the MacBook Air 2016 and the MacBook Pro 2016 will be best served to stay tuned to any further updates regarding the two rumored laptops.


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