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Apple's World Wide Developers Conference Begins In San Francisco

Apple is set to release its new MacBook Pro 2016.
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The upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 is rumored to have more enhancements than its predecessors. And while the upcoming laptop is still a few months from now, the much-awaited MacBook Pro 2016 is being hailed as a game changer in the world of MacBook.

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Talks about the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 was much-awaited during the WWDC, however, fans got disappointed with the event as it talked more about the new laptop’s software. Disappointed fans were expecting to hear updates about its software but it seems Apple is being very secretive about the MacBook Pro 2016.

MacBook Pro 2016 Latest Features

Although Apple is trying its best not to say anything regarding the latest specs of MacBook Pro 2016, reports have indicated that the new laptop will feature an OLED bar above its keyboard. This new feature will come together with a touchscreen feature to allow users to easily access and control their favorite apps.

The MacBook Pro 2016 will also run the latest AMD’s Radeon RX 400 series graphics chips, Cellular 46 connectivity and 4k display. However, Apple has not confirmed these yet but we can hope so that most of the reports are true.

BGR reports that the MacBook Pro 2016 may not have a 3.5mm headphone jack as a similar report is also given to the iPhone 7. If this becomes a reality, Apple consumers will be seeing a Lightning port with the Mac.

Reports are indicating that the reason for the delay of the new MacBook Pro 2016 also involves the murder of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple plans to introduce Lightning-to-audio first on the upcoming iPhone 7 that will also be followed by the MacBook Pro 2016. If the new lightning port happens, consumers may also expect to buy the new Apple EarPods for an additional $29.00.

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date

Apple is set to release its new MacBook Pro 2016 this coming fall. The same time that the tech behemoth will also release its MacBook Air 2016. According to Android Origin, MacBook Air 2016 may launch earlier than the MacBook Pro 2016 although Apple has not confirmed this yet.

This 2016, Apple has deviated and confused consumers by its releases for some of its popular gadgets. So, it may also be the same for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 and even its MacBook Air 2016.

There are still a lot to wait for the MacBook Pro 2016. Are you excited to see what Apple has in store for us for the upcoming MacBook? Share your thoughts below.


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