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Many MacBook fans that were hoping for some news during the iPhone 7 event were left disappointed. The MacBook Pro is getting is along 2016 event along with the iPad in October according to many reports.

The release date with follow the Apple event in a similar fashion to the iPhone 7 event, which also displayed the new iWatch series 2 and the controversial wireless ear pods.

MacBook Pro needs a new update, the last version was released in 2012, and there have been no significant updates since then. The MacBook got updated with Intel’s Skylake processors and a new Rose Gold color option in 2016.

The most prominent rumor surrounds the release of the MacBook Pro is a radical change in design. Similar to the 12-inch MacBook, it will be thinner and lighter.

There are rumors of a gold edition, but this has not been confirmed.

The new laptop is also expected to feature Touch ID and an OLED touchscreen bar on the keyboard to replace the top of the keyboard.

The Touch ID means that you will probably be able to log in to the laptop with your fingerprint.

An upgraded graphic card from either AMD and nVidia could make its way to the MacBook in 2016. Skylake processors – a sixth generation chips by Intel processor — is rumored to make its first appearance on the MacBook. This is expected to boost the speed of the MacBook and extend the machine’s battery life.

Since Apple is moving in the direction of wireless earphones, it is expected that the new MacBook pro will not feature a headphone jack. Earlier this year the Daring Fireball alluded that the next MacBook may come with lighting ports:

“Will MacBooks ship with a Lightning port in lieu of a headphone jack? If so, will they ship with headphones? (Probably not, I say. Cough up the extra $29 for a new pair of Apple EarPods.)” Gruber asked (and answered). “Is this why we haven’t seen new MacBook Pros yet — because they’re waiting for the new iPhone so that both can go Lightning-for-audio at the same time? Perhaps.”

Apple will want all their products to connect from the iPhone to iWatch to MacBook in their technological ecosystem. Therefore, it makes sense for their iPhone 7 customers to be able to use their ear pods with their future MacBook pro.

According to Mac Rumors, Apple may be working on a 5k display for the MacBook Pro:

“Apple’s plans to work with LG on a standalone 5K display surface two months after it discontinued the five-year-old Thunderbolt Display. It remains unclear if the monitor will be based upon the Retina 5K iMac, and it is also unclear if the report’s broad late 2016 timeframe for “some of the new Mac products” includes the display.”

The MacBook Pro 2016 keyboard is expected to feature the butterfly mechanism rather than the traditional scissor mechanism.

The current MacBook Pro range starts at $1,099 for the 13-inch non-Retina model, rising to $1,119 for the entry-level 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and topping out at $2,099 for the 2.5GHz 15-inch Retina.

The MacBook Pro 2016 prices are expected to be the same or at least similar started at $1,099.

Some of the wild MacBook rumors include a touchscreen and a detachable keyboard. Touch sensitive keys rather than a physical keyboard has been thrown out there but is very unlikely at this point.

Most laptops released this year has surpassed the MacBook Pro because its current version is dated. Apple will be looking to impress when the new MacBook Pro series is released. The October event should be filled with surprises and confirmation of many of the rumors surrounding the laptop.

Are you looking forward to the new MacBook?

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