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MacBook Pro (Photo : Apple)


New speculations claimed that MacBook Air and Pro 216 release is pushed back early next year.

According to grapevine, the new generation of Apple laptops are pegged for September or October release date. However, as the days passed, it seemed that this will less likely to happen since Apple creates media fuzz whenever they release a new product.

One of the probable reasons on the delay of MacBook Air and Pro 2016 release is due to the release of iPad Pro. Apple is marketing the new iPad Pro as its most powerful tablet yet. It is also cited to cross boundaries of laptops and a direct competitor of Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The tablet is slated to hit the market in November. Thus, Apple is withholding devices that may cannibalize the sales of iPad Pro like the rumored iPad Air 3 and new MacBooks.

Another reason cited is the manufacturing of the Intel processor that will be included in device. Intel’s Skylake processors are not scheduled to go into production until the last quarter of this year. Similar to what happened with Broadwell chips that was announced late last year, but was made available earlier this year.

There is no confirmation from Apple when it will release the new laptops, but there are wild rumors claiming that the devices will be announced alongside iPad Air 3.

Meanwhile, some of the purported features of the MacBook Air 2016 are 13-inch and 15-inch screen displays, Intel Skylake-U chipset, OS X El Capitan, Type-C USB port, and an improved battery life. The laptops will most likely be equipped with Force Touch technology. The MacBook Air will be even thinner than last time.

Meanwhile, the MacBook Pro 2016 is also expected to pack almost the same specs and features, but with more powerful RAM.

However, Apple has not confirmed the aforementioned features and release date.