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MacBook Pro (Photo : Apple)


There are speculations that MacBook Air, Pro 2016 release is scheduled on Sept. 9 alongside iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Apple and consumers alike are itching for the MacBook Air and Pro 2016 release. Some rumors claimed that the laptops will arrive next week, while others claimed that Apple will slightly delay its release next year.

Below are the top five things that we know about the MacBook Air, Pro 2016 release date.


MacBook Air and Pro 2016 will come with lighter and slimmer profiles. Apple is improving the portability of its devices by making it easier to bring.

Screen Display

The new generations of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will reportedly come with the usual13 and 15 inches screen display. There are whispers that MacBook Air will finally drop its 11-inch variant as Apple MacBook and upcoming iPad Pro provides 12-inch screens.

Operating System

Both MacBooks will reportedly run with OS X El Capitan. It is possible that Apple will release an update of the OS bringing in bug fixes on the issues and problems that did not work previously. This will yield to better computing.


Apple and Intel have a close relationship as previous MacBooks are powered by latest Intel chipsets. MacBook Air and Pro 2016 will be equipped with Intel Skylake chipset. The new chipset dubbed as Skylake is the first big update since Haswell as it is the “tock” of Intel’s tick-tock update policy. The new Skylake processors come with DDR4 support. This latest version of dynamic RAM is not only more secure, but it is also faster and runs cooler.


Both devices are expected to pack longer battery life. Apple filed a new patent to United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that suggests that the tech giant is developing fuel cell technology to power their mobile devices. The patent refers to the MagSafe connectors found in Apple’s MacBooks, meaning the company may seek to use fuel cells to allow their devices to last for several days or weeks before needing a recharge.